Visual Stress Assessment

If you feel you or your child may be suffering from Visual Stress initially you will need to book an appointment for an eye examination with one of our Optometrists (Children under 19 in full time education are entitled to a free examination under the NHS).

The optometrist will do a full assessment and eye examination and decide if they feel the patient is showing signs of visual stress and would benefit from a Visual Stress Assessment.

If they decide you or your child would benefit from the assessment a further appointment will be made. A fee will apply for a Visual Stress Assessment

At the Visual Stress Assessment the patient will go through a series of tests which will determine which colour will alleviate some or all of the visual stress symptoms.

After the assessment has been completed the patient will be handed over to a dispensing optician and will have the opportunity to purchase either tinted lenses, clipons or overlays for use in the optimum colour. Coloured clipons are available on short term loan following a Visual Stress Assessment to see how the patients symptoms are helped.

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