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At David Burghardt Vision Care we recognise the importance of regular check ups from a young age to detect any visual problems at the earliest point possible

What Does Research Show?

As 80% of a child’s learning occurs visually, many children cannot see well enough to reach their full potential or enjoy everyday childhood activities as much as they could. A child may not realise if their vision is not clear – they assume the way they see is normal.

Children should have their first eye examination by the age of four, sooner if any problems are suspected. The earlier a problem is detected, the more effectively it can be treated.

Early Warning Signs

If you suspect that something may be wrong, book an appointment with us as soon as possible. Here are some common symptoms to look out for:

  • Excessive blinking

  • Squinting or screwing up the eyes to see

  • Peering closely at books and TV

  • Clumsiness

  • Poor performance at school

  • Reluctance to read

  • Headaches

  • Family History

The likelihood is that everything will be fine, but it is always better to check.

It doesn’t matter if your child is too young to talk or read a letter chart, as we use a range of techniques and modern equipment to detect visual problems at any age.

Eye examination

In an eye exam your optometrist will use specific tests designed for whatever age your child is to:

  • Assess the health of the eye

  • Determine vision and prescription

  • Fully examine the eye

All Children are routinely examined for:

  • Myopia (Short Sight)

  • Hyperopia (Long Sight)

  • Astigmatism (Distorted vision)

  • Binocular vision problems, including squints and lazy eyes

  • Difficulty with near focusing

  • Colour vision abnormalities

  • Stereoscopic vision (3-D)

Children’s Eyewear

At David Burghardt Vision Care we have an extensive range of childrens glasses that have been specifically designed and hand picked, for small children right through to teenagers.

We also have a range of sunglasses to suit little ones. Childrens eyes are the most important to protect whilst out in the sun. Whilst we often think about the dangers of not using sun protection, people are often unaware of the harmful effects the sun can have on their eyes. All childrens sunglasses are 100% UV protected and ensure that the most delicate of eyes have the most protection.

Contact Lenses

Advances in contact lens materials make contact lenses particularly suitable for children. We understand that the thought of using contact lenses can sometimes be an overwhelming thought for children and their parents, but it doesn’t have to be.

At David Burghardt Vision Care, our friendly optomertrists are here to help guide you and your child through the whole contact lens process and put your mind at ease. Our optometrists will be able to monitor how well your child is looking after their lenses to ensure that their eyes remain healthy.Children are naturally great contact lens wearers if they accept responsibility for them. They are typicaly more motivated to want to wear them and usually adapt very well. If your child is planning on wearing contact lenses for the first time, then dont worry, we are here to help.


  • No need for frames- no breakages

  • Better vision than glasses

  • Improve a childs confidence

  • Occasional use

  • Perfect for sport – increases safety

  • Easily updated when eyesight is developing

  • Ortho K lenses which are worn at night time, require no corrective eye wear during the day,

  • Protection from dangerous UV glare.

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